Our vision

At Freelayer, we have the vision of manufacturing the best horse blankets on the market, in a way that benefits both our horses and our planet. We aim to create sustainable technical innovations to promote the welfare of our horses. This is a matter close to our hearts and the core of everything we do.

We understand that our horses have different needs compared to us humans. Not only do they have a different comfort zone, but they also have a natural biology that requires special consideration in the design process. Therefore, we tirelessly work to develop innovative and sustainable products that meet these needs. We want to give our horses what they deserve, high-quality blankets that allow for freedom of movement, keep them dry, and provide optimal temperature regulation.

We are also well aware that doing good for the horses is not enough; we must also consider our environment and future. The textile industry accounts for a significant part of the world's environmental impact, from water consumption to chemical pollution. Therefore, we take our role as a company in this sector very seriously. We minimize our environmental impact by using sustainable materials, reducing textile consumption, and avoiding harmful chemicals in the dyeing process. So when you choose Freelayer, you're not just choosing for your horse's welfare. You're choosing for a better and more sustainable future for us all. That's what makes us unique, and that's why we continue to strive to make a real difference.

Sustainable Material

When it comes to material selection, we at Freelayer are acutely aware of its impact – not only on our horses but also on our environment. By sustainable materials, we mean materials that have a lower impact on animals, nature, and human health. Therefore, we choose certified and tested materials. We are fully aware that the textile industry often uses chemicals at various stages of the production chain, from raw materials to dyeing and printing. The challenge lies in avoiding toxic chemicals that are harmful.

We take this challenge very seriously and actively work to limit the use and waste of chemicals in our products.

Sustainable Design

Sustainable design is a significant part of Freelayer's identity. We aim to minimize our impact on the environment while promoting the welfare of our horses.

Our minimalist design philosophy plays a crucial role in this. Less is more, especially when it comes to reducing our ecological footprint. By working with a simple yet functional design, less material is needed to manufacture each blanket, which in turn reduces waste during production. But it's not just about the main fabric of the blankets. Every part, from trim and branding to packaging, is chosen with sustainability as a central parameter.

We also see the opportunity to replace parts of the blanket as a way to keep material consumption down over time. This not only extends the lifespan of our products but also reduces the need to constantly buy new blankets. So, when you invest in a Freelayer blanket, you're investing in a carefully considered, sustainable design.

Sustainable Technology

In Freelayer's future, we see technology as an integral part of our sustainable blankets. While we have already made significant strides in material selection and design, our vision includes incorporating smart technology that can further reduce material usage and enhance the welfare of horses. We are developing the next generation of technical solutions.

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