About us

Living with horses is an unforgettable journey, filled with incredible moments and invaluable lessons. For Linda Gustafsson, the founder of Freelayer, this journey has been a constant source of inspiration and insight. From her early years as a passionate competitive rider to later stages in life where she discovered horses' unique ability to enrich people's lives, Linda has always been close to these magnificent animals.

Linda's journey took a new direction when she combined her passion for sewing with her love for horses, leading to the founding of Freelayer. She questioned why there was a lack of innovatively designed and sustainable horse blankets on the market. This inquiry and gap became the catalyst for Freelayer, a company dedicated to designing innovative, sustainable horse blankets that are designed according to the horse's needs and comfort.

The team soon expanded with another experienced horse owner, Lisa Malmgren, and together they make Freelayer an innovative force in the horse blanket industry. They have combined their unique talents and shared passion to create a business that stands for innovation, sustainability, and above all, horse welfare.

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